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Do you require statement information such as cost center numbers, etc.? Is there specific formatting?
Do you require cost savings reports? If so, how often do you require these reports?
Do you require final invoices to be forwarded to anyone other than the person booking the reservation? If so, please provide name and email address.
Will there be a central billed credit card for all travel?
Will travelers use their own credit cards?
If there is a central billed credit card for all travel, please provide the following information.
Will you provide a list of VIPs within your company or an organization chart?
Do you require a formal RFP annually?
What is your estimated amount of annual travel volume?
Do you have established accounts with any airline?

Please list


Are there time restrictions that we should limit our low fare search to, such as a 3 to 4 hour time window of requested flight, etc.?
Can non-refundable tickets be used by other travelers within the company?
Do you have established contracts with any car rental companies?

If so, please list CAR COMPANY and ACCOUNT NUMBER

What car size should be booked as a standard policy?

Car Size

Insurance Coverage
Will you have any car renters under the age of 25?
Do you have established negotiated rates with any hotels?

Please write HOTEL, ADDRESS, and RATE

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