Travel Tools

Air Travel

  • Remember 3-1-1: 3 ounce bottle or less; 1 quart sized clear plastic zip-top bag; 1 bag per passenger placed in scanning bin.
  • Check-in Early: Suggested check-in times are 2 hours for domestic flights; 3 hours for most International flights. Check-in times may vary depending on airline and location. Please check with your specific carrier for actual required check-in times.
  • Traveling with Children: Check the TSA website ( for helpful tips on airport security and children.
  • Identification: Remember passports are now required for all US Citizens traveling internationally, including Mexico and the Caribbean. You will also be required to show a government issued photo ID when checking in for domestic flights.


Packing Tips

  • Pack heaviest items first. On the bottom of the suitcase, pack shoes, travel alarm, etc.
  • Use luggage space wisely. Stuff hosiery into the toes of your shoes. To protect your shoes, wrap them in t-shirts if you don’t have shoe bags. Roll sweatshirts and undergarments to fill space. A full bag helps keep the contents from sliding and wrinkling.
  • Coordinate your wardrobe around one or two basic colors. This will automatically eliminate many items of clothing. Separates are best because they can be mixed and matched.
  • Pack some of your traveling companion’s clothes in your bag and vice versa. This will help incase one bag is lost or delayed.
  • Carry fragile, valuable or perishable items with you. Money, jewelry and prescription drugs should be carried with you. Make sure you have at least a toothbrush in your carry-on bag.
  • Be sure your baggage is clearly labeled. Remove old airline tags. Make sure your name and address is in a prominent place on the outside and inside of each piece of luggage.
  • Test the weight of your bag. Walk around with your bags for a few minutes. Do they feel too heavy? Unless you’re on a tour where baggage handling is provided, it can be difficult to find porters in airports and hotels.
  • Consider a suitcase with wheels to make baggage carrying easy. Or use a cart to make trips through airports and train stations less stressful. On a tour, however, you never have to worry about carrying your luggage.
  • Remember to leave room for souvenirs. Pack an empty canvas bag for your purchases.

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Money Matters

  • Foreign Currency: It is always a good idea to travel with some currency of the country you are going to visit.
  • Using Credit Cards Overseas: It is a good idea to check with your credit card company prior to leaving the country to be sure that your credit card will work in the countries you are traveling to, as well as to find out any additional fees that you might be charged for currency conversion.

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